10 Reasons why Mozarts Kindergarten is different


Choosing the right early learning centre for your child is important. There are so many options out there and they all seem to offer the same programme and learning for children.
So here are the top 10 ways that Mozarts Kindergarten is different from the rest..


  1. Education through imagination is our philosophy. We encourage children to learn by fostering their imagination. Counting is definitely more fun if you are a monkey trying to snatch a bunch of bananas or a sharp eyed bird trying to pull up some juicy worms.
  2. Child interests are at the forefront. When a child comes in the door talking about their first plane trip over the weekend, we jump on this and explore all about planes and taking to the sky!
  3. There is joy in making noise and in the Mozarts Orchestra you never know quite what that noise is going to be. One week it might be the soft tinkle of raindrops played by triangles. The next week it might be the slow sonorous footsteps of a Jack-Chasing-Giant up the top of the beanstalk. Whatever the noise, music is for telling stories and creating pictures with sound.
  4. Small class sizes allow for children to develop true and lasting friendships at preschool that will journey with them through their life.
  5. Our high teacher/child ratio means that our teachers can build strong relationships with the children and better support their learning.
  6. From the day a child begins at Mozarts, they aspire to be a member of the Mozarts Choir. Children love learning the songs which are all done with accompanying actions and dance. We have biannual concerts which are a highlight for parents and friends who come from all over New Zealand to be part of the delighted audience.
  7. The transition from preschool to primary school can be a bit scary and daunting for 4 year olds. Therefore we make time for children to work on mastering the skills they need to make a seamless transition.
  8. We love art! We splatter our way through about 90 litres of paint and buy glitter by the kilo at Mozarts because we believe the more the sparkle the world has in it, the happier and the better it is for all of us.
  9. Our annual Christmas pageant is a highlight for the children and their families. The show is based around a Christmas story, which is then adapted so that every child has a part and starring role!
  10. Children love attending Mozarts Kindergarten and ask to return time and time again, even when they’ve left for primary school!


We could list all the other ways that Mozarts is different, but it would be easier to show you in person! Email or call us for a stay and play visit today.


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Email: info@mozarts.co.nz