Who is Mozarts Kindergarten?

Mozarts Kindergarten is a kindergarten focused on teaching, developing and fostering your child’s imagination so they develop the skills to help them successfully transition from preschool to primary school.


Our philosophy is education through imagination so our approach is to weave music, drama, art, dance, storytelling, roleplay and games through our preschool programme so your child is excited by the joy of learning.

Much of our learning, whether it’s reading, writing, counting or numeracy, is based around music so your child learns without even realising they are learning.

We know that children who engage in active pretending will develop imagination and creativity so that one day they may learn what has not been discovered and imagine what has yet to be created.



Our preschool environment is designed to stimulate and challenge, promoting collaboration, self-management, creative synergy, problem solving and lateral thinking skills. All aspects of your child’s ongoing early learning pathways are supported through a high degree of teacher/child interaction, a richly resourced environment, an abundance of roleplay and storytelling games, and an atmosphere in which creativity flourishes.


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