Every year, Mozarts Kindergarten children are involved in the Christmas concert as a way to build confidence by performing in front of others and also to encourage art, drama and music.

This year the Christmas story was about a sad Christmas tree who’s tree friends had all been chopped down. With the help of the native birds in the forest, they were able to transform the sad Christmas tree into a bright, shiny one, complete with a star on top of its head. 

Each child decorated their own bird wings and Christmas decoration and was encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to design their own unique version. 

Every child had a starring role in the concert where they were encouraged to say their own lines and then perform songs as a group. We had practices 3 times a week for one month. During this time, the children progressed with their learning and memorising of their lines and the Christmas carols. It was wonderful to hear feedback from parents that some children were even singing the songs at home! 

Well done to all our performers for the fantastic Christmas Concert!