About Us

Mozarts Kindergarten is about teaching, developing and fostering your child’s imagination so they develop the skills to help them successfully transition from preschool to primary school.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is education through imagination so our approach is to weave music, drama, art, dance, storytelling, roleplay and games through our preschool programme so your child is excited by the joy of learning.

Much of our learning, whether it’s reading, writing, counting or numeracy, is based around music so your child learns without even realising they are learning. Our specialist programmes include the Mozarts Choir and Mozarts Orchestra plus our two annual concerts. It’s a unique approach that our parents love and continue to talk about, long after their children have left Mozarts for school.

We warmly invite you to visit Mozarts and see for yourself the special place it is. I look forward to welcoming you and your child to Mozarts Kindergarten.

Sandra Ford – Director


Our Team

Keren Todd

Head Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Diploma Early Childhood Education
Vocal and instrumental training (piano)

Keren is the Head Teacher at Mozarts Kindergarten. She has a wealth of experience working in early childhood education, and has previously directed her own original holistic music programmes for early childhood facilities.

With a passion for music, Keren believes that every child (and anyone for that matter) can be a budding musician, and she loves being able to support children to achieve! This is what she loves most about working at Mozarts - seeing the excitement children gain from their love of learning.

In her free time Keren likes yoga, paddle boarding, swimming, reading, singing, playing the piano, and strumming her guitar.


"If I could be someone else for a day, I would be Peter Pan! He flies and goes on awesome adventures!"


"If I could be someone else for a day, I would be The Cat in the Hat because he is creative and exciting!"

Hazel MacKenzie

Senior Early Childhood Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning ECE
Certificate in Outdoor Leadership

As one of our early childhood teachers, Hazel is dedicated to providing children with holistic learning experiences, and inspiring creativity and imagination. What she loves most about her role is that every day is different and exciting. She loves having fun with the children and being a big kid herself!

With a background that includes working in both New Zealand and Abu Dhabi as a kindergarten teacher, Hazel has an incredible passion for making life fun, inspirational and educational for children.

In her free time Hazel enjoys camping, dancing, family, the beach, and travelling.


Kim Flanagan

Early Childhood Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning ECE

Kim is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher here at Mozarts Kindergarten. She has 10 years experience in Early Childhood Teaching, as well as experience in music therapy and is fluent in sign language. She strongly believes in creating the best learning environment for children. She enjoys working alongside children and discovering their interests and creating ways that these interests can be extended, enhanced and made lots of fun!

With a passion for music and singing, Kim thoroughly enjoys sharing this passion with children and other teachers. She loves how toys, crafts, activities, music and musical instruments allow children to explore and play.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys embroidery, spending time with family and friends, and singing.