69 Bristol St, St Albans
Christchurch 8143
Phone: +64 (3) 355 5099
Email: info@mozarts.co.nz

“Education through Imagination”

Children that engage in active pretending are developing imagination and creativity - so that one day they may learn what has not been discovered and imagine what has not been created.

Prepare your child to be a 21st century learner! Enrol your 2-5 year old in a Mozarts "education through imagination."

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What Parents Have Said

One amazing unique place with some very special talented ladies who work here. My daughter Portia who is now 11 went here and still til this day I can't recommend this place enough! Brings early childhood learning to a whole new level!

Thank you all so much for your kindness and enthusiasm over the last 3 and a half years. It has been a very special experience to be part of the Mozarts family, and it has done wonders for the kids' confidence and learning. We will miss you all so much!

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Mozarts was established in 1994 by educationalist and visionary Felicity Williams.

In August 2015 ownership changed to the mother and daughter team of Sandra and Mellora Ford with Sandra becoming the Centre Manager.

The preschool programme is designed to stimulate and challenge, promoting collaboration, self management, creative synergy, problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

We achieve this by offering a high degree of teacher/child interaction, a richly resourced environment, an abundance of roleplay and storytelling games, and an atmosphere in which creativity flourishes to support all aspects of your child’s ongoing learning pathways.

We enjoy seeing children become articulate, confident and imaginative, as teachers add music, dance, drama and visual arts into a wide spectrum of curricular activities.

We enjoy close and supportive relationships with parents, whanau and caregivers and their contributions are welcomed and valued.

Most importantly - children love attending Mozarts Kindergarten and ask to return time and time again!