69 Bristol St, St Albans
Christchurch 8143
Phone: +64 (3) 355 5099
Email: info@mozarts.co.nz

Learning Program

Mozarts approaches all areas of preschool curriculum through music, dramatic play and art. We have specific curriculum areas which are detailed below.

Time For Einsteins

We’ll never know if Einstein had a flying carpet or not. We think maybe it was his mind that flew and at Mozarts we like to think that children’s minds can do the same.

Children sit around Mr Einstein’s Flying Carpet and a topic of interest is explored. Children might be seen:

...hatching themselves from a chrysalis or
...flying through space as a shooting star or
...whizzing around like a teeny tiny electron
...and then after all that busy activity, the children sit down and draw a picture in their science scrapbooks.

At Mozarts we think that if you’ve become it, you’ll remember it!

Numeracy and Mathematics

Counting is definitely more fun if you are a monkey trying to snatch a bunch of bananas. Or a sharp eyed bird trying to pull up some juicy worms. Or a herd of elephants wondering how many of them can fit on a spiderweb.

Mozarts Chart Stories are a creative and imaginative way of teaching numeracy. They are short poems with small laminated pictures. We use props and music to help tell the story which is acted out with enthusiastic noisy participation.

Art and Technology

When you see a paint splattered T-Shirt you know your child has been busy in our art room.

From fantastic murals to intricate cotton bud etchings, the art work produced is vivid and fantastic. Some children spend a long time on one painting, others do five in a row. We splatter our way through about 90 litres of paint and buy glitter by the kilo at Mozarts because we believe the more the sparkle the world has in it, the happier and the better it is for all of us.


We love stories! We love traditional, we love contemporary and we especially love the big fibby ones that children make up themselves. Mozarts teachers are highly skilled in the art of energetic and imaginative story tellings. Children join in with chants and simple repetitive phrases. Judging by the laughter and the excitement some of our storytellings might seem a little crazy but it’s all done with the end result of giving children a deep and abiding love of literature and reading.

Music Dance and Drama

The daily drama workshop happens every session after library time. A story is read and then this is followed by an adventure! Elements of the story are chosen which are suitable for young children to interpret through physical activities and improvised dialogue. Everyone participates to their own level and has fun as stories come to life before our eyes.

Outdoor Play

Our playground has a native forest, a clatter bridge with a sometimes-troll, (we’ve heard him but never seen him), and a tree for climbing. (Good if the troll is chasing you). Down the other end, a gangplank leads to a pirate ship sandpit, next to which is a miniature version of the pancake rocks, complete with a trickling brook. Alas no blowholes, only the ones you dig yourselves.