Specialist Programmes and Groups


Mozarts Choir and Concert

From the day a child begins at Mozarts, they aspire to be a member of the Mozarts Choir.

Children love learning the songs which are all done with accompanying actions and dance. Not knowing your left foot from your right does not stop you from being part of the choir. In fact a little confusion can often lead to a delightful moment of choreographic originality. Children may twirl like sugar plum fairies, leap over criss-cross swords in a highland fling, or bounce round with friends in a do-si-do.

Our two yearly concerts; Mozarts Choir and Christmas concerts, are a highlight for parents and friends who come from all over New Zealand to be part of the delighted audience.

Mozarts children to be a member of the Choir.


Mozarts Children’s Orchestra

Clang Clang Rattle Bing Bang! There is joy in making noise and in the Mozarts Orchestra you never know quite what that noise is going to be.

One week it might be the soft tinkle of raindrops played by triangles. The next week it might be the slow sonorous footsteps of a Jack-Chasing-Giant up the top of the beanstalk. Whatever the noise, music is for telling stories and creating pictures with sound.

Simple stories use rhythmic patterns and chants so that children develop an understanding of the relationship between the natural rhythm of words and the constructed rhythm of musical notation. Children, who show interest, are taught simple notation.

Mozarts Annual Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic.

Every year towards the end of February, we hold our Mozarts Annual Picnic. Usually held at a park, this is a fun family get-together for all Mozarts children and parents.

Mozarts Picnic

Christmas Pageant

Our annual Christmas pageant is a yearly highlight and is in the second to last week of the year before we close. The show is based around a Christmas story, which is then adapted so that every child has a part and starring role! There is much excitement in the lead up to the event as the teachers and children practice their roles and performance. We hold the Christmas Pageant at Mozarts so parents, grandparents and friends can watch and enjoy the show.


Transition to School

We love reading and writing and take great pride in our work! The transition to a child’s formal school setting is crucial if children and families are to have their needs well met in their new education setting. Teachers within the Mozarts and primary settings work together in partnership with families/whanau to ensure good flow of information and to support children during the transition to school.

Four year old group time takes place and children work to master the skills they need to make a seamless transition from preschool to primary school.